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21 April 2012

Thousands of pro-democracy protesters have clashed with police in Bahrain’s capital, Manama, ahead of the Formula-one Grand Prix on Sunday.

Masked youths hurled petrol bombs at police, who had stopped them marching to Pearl Square - a gathering point during an uprising last year.

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26 Oct 2011

Associated Press: A U.S. fact-finding team in Bahrain wrapped up talks Wednesday to investigate labor practices that have spurred calls to suspend a key trade pact over the Gulf nation’s crackdown on protesters.

The firsthand inquest by the Department of Labor is in response to efforts by America’s biggest labor group to force a stinging U.S. rebuke of Bahrain’s rulers, who have crushed opposition groups but have avoided serious backlash from Washington because of strategic concerns.

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5 Oct 2011

The Physician’s Oath requires doctors the world over to treat people regardless of “religion, nationality, race, party politics or social standing”.

Yet in the Kingdom of Bahrain, medical ethics are no defence.

This is the story of what happened in March this year, and the appalling consequences for medical professionals for simply doing their duty.

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abc Correspondent has been hit by the police while covering the brutal crackdown of peaceful protests in Bahrain