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by Patrick Cockburn*, 16 April 2012

Double standards have notoriously marked Britain and America’s response to the Arab Spring. But nowhere is the hypocrisy more glaring than in their reactions to the uprisings in Bahrain and Syria, where both countries’ governments have used the full might of their security forces to crush peaceful protests and jail and torture their opponents.

When it comes to Syria, Barack Obama and David Cameron express shock at the government’s repression and are voluble in their demands for regime change. Until recently, military intervention was not being ruled out. Contrast this with the words of President Obama’s spokesman after clashes between protesters and security forces in Bahrain last week. The best he could do was a purportedly even-handed condemnation of violence “directed against police and government institutions” and “excessive force and indiscriminate use of tear gas against protesters” by the Bahrain security forces. Imagine what an uproar there would be if the White House had said the same about Libya or Syria.

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21 Oct 2011

The impact of Moammar Gadhafi’s death may reach far beyond the borders of Libya.

Ever since the dawning of the Arab Spring earlier this year, people across the Middle East have been speaking out, demanding more freedoms, more autonomy and less repression.

So after Gadhafi’s ignominious end, the question many are asking is: “Who is next?”

Many believe it may be the rulers of Bahrain, Yemen and Syria.

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By Thalif Deen, 11 Oct 2011

UNITED NATIONS, Oct 11, 2011 (IPS) - Peeved at Russia’s Security Council veto derailing a Western- sponsored resolution against Syria last week, U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice implicitly accused the Russians of protecting the beleaguered government of President Bashar al-Assad primarily to safeguard their lucrative arms market in the Middle Eastern country.

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