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20 April 2012

Bahrain crown prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa says cancelling Sunday’s Grand Prix would “empower extremists” and believes hosting a GP unites people and is important both economically and socially for Bahrain.

Unrest in the Gulf state has led to calls for the race to be called off for the second year running, while the Force India team missed Friday’s second practice session as they wanted to return to their hotel before dark.

17 April 2012

Two protesters have climbed on to the roof of the Bahraini Embassy in central London, days before Bahrain is due to host its most high-profile international event, the Formula One Grand Prix.

There have also been violent clashes between police and protesters on the outskirts of the Bahrain capital Manama this week.

Demonstrators are calling for the sporting event to be cancelled and have sprayed walls with anti-Formula 1 graffiti.

Zoe Conway reports.

13 April 2012

The people in charge of Formula 1 say the Bahrain Grand Prix will go ahead as planned next week, despite concerns over staging the race whilst there is continuing political unrest.

Pro-democracy groups in Bahrain have called for the race to be cancelled, but Bernie Ecclestone, who runs Formula 1, has now said the race is “200%” going to happen.

It comes as footage emerges showing looting in Bahrain, said to be the result of sectarian tension.

The BBC’s Frank Gardner reports.

After eight months of clashes that have claimed close to 40 lives, the Gulf kingdom of Bahrain is bracing itself for the findings of a major investigation into alleged human rights abuses, including torture.

By Frank Gardner BBC security correspondent, Bahrain

18 Oct 2011

The Bahrain Independent Commission of Enquiry (BICI) has heard more than 8,800 complaints and conducted more than 5,700 interviews. Composed of five members from outside Bahrain, it will be announcing its findings on 30 October and the government has promised a swift response.

But will the commission probe deep enough, will its recommendations be acted on, and will it help cure the worsening sectarian divisions on this once peaceful island state?

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7 Oct 2011

A 16-year-old Bahraini teenage has died during protests in the capital, Manama, officials and activists said.

The interior ministry said Ahmed Jaber died of cardiac arrest on Thursday as police clashed with youths who had blocked roads and set bins on fire.

But Shia activists say he was killed by a bird-pellet shot fired at close range by security forces.

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4 Oct 2011

A Bahrain court has sentenced 27 people to up to 15 years in jail for their part in unrest earlier this year.

Fourteen people - including Shia opposition party members - were given sentences of up to 10 years for their role in the pro-democracy protests.

A further 13 people were imprisoned for between five and 15 years for the kidnapping of two policemen, the Bahrain News Agency (BNA) said.

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3 Oct 2011

A security court in Bahrain has sentenced 14 people to 25 years in jail each for the killing of a Pakistani man during unrest earlier this year.

The prosecutor said they had been convicted of beating the man to death in March “with a terrorist aim”.

Details of the killing were not disclosed to the public.

Rulings by the National Safety Court - a joint civilian and military court set up in response to the unrest - have been criticised for their severity.

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