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21 April 2012

MANAMA - A Bahraini protester was found dead after clashes with riot police on Saturday, the eve of the Gulf kingdom’s Formula One Grand Prix that anti-government activists have vowed to mark with “days of rage.”

The opposition party Wefaq said the body of a man named as Salah Abbas Habib, 37, was found on the roof of a building in a rural village. It said the protester was part of a group who were beaten by police.

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26 Oct 2011

Naser Al-Raas says he’s fearfully awaiting the moment Bahrain police handcuff, blindfold and drag him back to a jail, where he contends, he’ll ruthlessly be tortured for a crime he did not commit.

Al-Raas, a Kuwait-born Canadian citizen, was sentenced this week for breaking Bahrain’s illegal-assembly laws. He and 12 others were sentenced for having links to antigovernment demonstrations.

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25 Oct 2011

MANAMA, Bahrain — A defense lawyer in Bahrain says 13 people, including a Kuwaiti-born Canadian, have been sentenced to jail terms for links to anti-government protests and unrest in the Gulf kingdom.

Lawyer Mohsen al-Alawi says a civilian court Tuesday sentenced Canadian Nasser al-Ras to five years in prison on charges stemming from the Shiite-led demonstrations for greater rights from the ruling Sunni monarchy.

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