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18 Oct 2011

In this special edition of FirstCast, we interviewed Jaleela Al-Salman just days before she was rearrested. She describes how the Bahraini security forces tortured her while in detention. Subscribe now!

In this special edition of FirstCast, we feature the voices of two brave women who have been detained the longest in Bahrain in connection to the crackdown of pro-democracy advocates. Roula al-Safar is a nurse, a humanitarian, and the head of the Bahrain Nursing Association who was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Jaleela al-Salman is a teacher and vice president of the Bahrain Teachers Association. She was sentenced to three years in prison and was awaiting an appeal under civilian court.

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18 Oct 2011

Washington, DC – Human Rights First is concerned for the safety of Bahraini teacher Jaleela Al Salman, who was rearrested in a night raid conducted early this morning. She is Vice President of the Bahrain Teachers Association and reports indicate that she was seized by masked men who entered her home around 3 a.m. The security forces who took her did not show a warrant for her arrest.

On September 25, Al Salman was sentenced to three years in prison. She was convicted following an unfair military court trial and was at home while she waited for her appeal, currently scheduled for December 11. It is understood that neither Al Salman nor her lawyer received an official notice prior to her arrest. She was taken to Isa Town police station and is expected to be transferred to jail today.

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After eight months of clashes that have claimed close to 40 lives, the Gulf kingdom of Bahrain is bracing itself for the findings of a major investigation into alleged human rights abuses, including torture.

By Frank Gardner BBC security correspondent, Bahrain

18 Oct 2011

The Bahrain Independent Commission of Enquiry (BICI) has heard more than 8,800 complaints and conducted more than 5,700 interviews. Composed of five members from outside Bahrain, it will be announcing its findings on 30 October and the government has promised a swift response.

But will the commission probe deep enough, will its recommendations be acted on, and will it help cure the worsening sectarian divisions on this once peaceful island state?

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The families of six of the hundreds of people given long jail sentences speak out about the “abuse of justice”.

18 Oct 2011

Teachers, professors, politicians, doctors, athletes, students and others have all appeared in Bahrain’s military courts. In just two weeks, 208 people were sentenced or lost appeals, leading to a cumulative total of just less than 2,500 years in prison.

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17 Oct 2011

Manama - The United States expects the government of Bahrain to respond swiftly to the recommendations of a commission investigating alleged human rights abuses, a US official said Monday.

'We fully expect the government (of Bahrain) to respond appropriately and robustly,' the US assistant deputy secretary of State for Arabian Peninsula Affairs, Stephen Seche, said in a press conference at the US Embassy in Manama.

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By: AMANDA PAUL, 16 Oct 2011

While the Arab Spring continues to unfold with events in Syria, Egypt and Libya grabbing the headlines, in the tiny island Gulf state of Bahrain there is increasing concern from the international community over the detention, trial and sentencing of medical doctors and other health professionals by the Bahraini government.

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15 Oct 2011
Saudi-backed regime forces in Bahrain have arrested at least 10 anti-government protesters in several cities across the US-sponsored Persian Gulf kingdom, Press TV has learnt.

The clashes erupted Saturday as demonstrators took to the streets to renew demands for the ouster of the despotic Bahraini regime.

At least five of the protesters were arrested in the northwestern village of Bani Jamrah, where they had gathered outside the house of a detained opposition leader.

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Edited version published October 7th on PolicyMic.

“This is the reality of torture.” The body of Abdulrasool Al-Hujairy, a Bahraini man who is expected to have died at the hands of Bahraini security forces, one of many to face state brutality during the government crackdown.

The full…

14 Oct 2011

MANAMA, Bahrain — A Shiite opposition leader jailed in Bahrain is gravely ill and prison authorities have not provided him with proper treatment, relatives said on Friday.

Hassan Mesheima’s son Mohammed told The Associated Press his father was treated for cancer before he was jailed in March for his role in protests for greater rights by the Gulf kingdom’s Shiite majority. He said his father told him the cancer has returned and that he needed more treatment. Mesheima’s family asked authorities to facilitate it, but “our efforts were rejected,” his son said in a phone interview.

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12 Oct 2011

Name: Ali Abdulkareem Sayed Salman
Age: 16 years (Birth; May 1995)
Date of the arrest: April 7, 2011

On Thursday, April 7th, 2011, at around 1:30 am, more than 40 armed masked men along with mercenary policemen raided Ali’s family house. The force got split into two groups; one remained in the ground floor while the other group went upstairs. They vandalized the house, got everything thrown out of the cupboards and drawers, tore the pictures on the walls, cracked the religious pieces used for prayers and stole two computers, a camera and two Game Boy.

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10 Oct 2011

Reporters Without Borders is alarmed by a wave of trials involving journalists although the government lifted the state of emergency and announced the start of a “national dialogue.”

In the most high-profile case, three senior journalists with Al-Wasat, the country’s only opposition newspaper – editor Mansour Al-Jamari, managing editor Walid Nouihid and local news editor Aqil Mirza – are to appear in court tomorrow on charges of disseminating false information and undermining the country’s image. All three were forced to resign in April when the newspaper was temporarily banned.

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Cairo, 11 October 2011

ANHRI condemns the sentence issued by the Supreme Criminal Court, fining Mansour Al-Jamry, editor-in-chief of the Bahraini newspaper of Al-Wasat, and three of his colleague 1000 Bahraini Dinars for “publishing news that defame the image of Bahrain abroad” during the protests of last February.

The court convicted the newspaper and fined Mansoor Al-Jamri and Walid Nuwayhid, the former editors-in-chief of the newspaper, Aqeel Mirza, former chief of the localities department, and Ali Al-Sharifi, journalist.

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11 Oct 2011

A court in Bahrain has fined the chief editor of one of the kingdom’s leading independent newspapers and three of his colleagues for publishing false reports about abuses during a crackdown on Shi’ite-led protests earlier this year.

The court on Tuesday found the four from Al Wasat newspaper guilty of disseminating misleading news and fined them about $2,650 each.

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5 Oct 2011

Bahrain’s widely boycotted by-elections on 24 September and 1 October were the background setting for multiple military court hearings that condemned dozens of journalists, activists, teachers and doctors to long prison terms. They were targeted for speaking out in favour of reforms during demonstrations in February or simply for doing their jobs, report the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) and other IFEX members. Among those arrested during the elections were 45 female protesters, some of whom have been reportedly tortured.

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