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23 Oct 2011

TEHRAN – Saudi Arabia’s decision to send troops to Bahrain to crack down on pro-democracy protesters was a strategic mistake, according to the Iranian deputy foreign minister for Arab and African affairs.

“The deployment of Saudi military forces in Bahrain, which took place under the aegis of the Peninsula Shield Force, was a strategic mistake that has not only not helped resolve a problem but has also complicated the situation day by day,” Hossein Amir-Abdollahian told the Fars News Agency in an interview published on Sunday.

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Bahraini regime forces have attacked and arrested several peaceful anti-regime demonstrators in a number of villages on the island of Sitra, Press TV has learned.

22 Oct 2011

Activists said that some eight people were detained and many more were injured after protesters took to the street across Bahrain as part of the so-called “Arrows of Dignity” event on Saturday.

Arrows of Dignity has been organized by activists to show solidarity with an unknown number of female prisoners behind bars in the Persian Gulf sheikdom.

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15 Oct 2011
Saudi-backed regime forces in Bahrain have arrested at least 10 anti-government protesters in several cities across the US-sponsored Persian Gulf kingdom, Press TV has learnt.

The clashes erupted Saturday as demonstrators took to the streets to renew demands for the ouster of the despotic Bahraini regime.

At least five of the protesters were arrested in the northwestern village of Bani Jamrah, where they had gathered outside the house of a detained opposition leader.

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By Andrew Hammond, 13 Oct 2011

DUBAI (Reuters) - In a defiant show of unity, Bahrain opposition parties have jointly denounced the Sunni-ruled Gulf Arab island as a police state and demanded a transition to a constitutional monarchy.

Five groups, including the main Shi’ite party Wefaq and the secular Waad party, vowed to keep up a pro-democracy campaign with peaceful rallies and marches — despite a Saudi-backed government crackdown that crushed similar protests in March.

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12 Oct 2011

Saudi Arabia is likely to step in and help Bahrain plug a budget hole next year if oil prices keep falling, as ratings downgrades in the wake of social unrest make it costly for the island state to issue foreign debt and the Saudis seek to keep restive elements in the region in check.

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4 Oct 2011

The Bahraini regime’s brutal crackdown on the popular uprising in the Persian Gulf kingdom continues, not just on the streets but also in the country’s courts.

Bahrain, KSA regimes have no validityBahrain’s military tribunal has sentenced dozens of protesters to up to 25 years in jail for taking part in anti-regime demonstrations.

There is  an interview with Rodney Shakespeare, head of the Committee against Torture in Bahrain, to shed more light on the atrocities committed by Saudi-backed forces against Bahraini protesters.

The video offers the opinions of two additional guests, Nabeel Rajab, president of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights in Manama and Daoud Khairallah professor of law at Georgetown University.

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