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Press Association, UK, 17 April 2012

Formula One chiefs have been urged by Labour to cancel this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix amid continued clashes between police and anti-government protesters.

Shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander said that proceeding with the event would “send the wrong signal”.

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26 Oct 2011

Associated Press: A U.S. fact-finding team in Bahrain wrapped up talks Wednesday to investigate labor practices that have spurred calls to suspend a key trade pact over the Gulf nation’s crackdown on protesters.

The firsthand inquest by the Department of Labor is in response to efforts by America’s biggest labor group to force a stinging U.S. rebuke of Bahrain’s rulers, who have crushed opposition groups but have avoided serious backlash from Washington because of strategic concerns.

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Press Release: International Trade Union Confederation

19 Oct 2011

Bahrain: Repression against Workers and Attacks against Trade Union Rights Are Still Going On

Brussels, 17 October 2011 - The ITUC has once again condemned the terrible repression hitting the Bahraini workers. Trade union rights have been constantly under attacks for months now despite government promises. Although the states authorities are pretending the opposite, the repression is still present at all levels.

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