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13Oct 2011

Anti-government Bahraini protesters in the capital Manama (file photo)  

The people of Bahrain have once again poured onto the streets across the country to demonstrate solidarity with those detained and injured during the Al Khalifa regime’s crackdown on anti-government protests, Press TVreports.

Chanting anti-regime slogans, the demonstrators on Wednesday called for an end to the Al Khalifa regime.

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By Andrew Hammond, 13 Oct 2011

DUBAI (Reuters) - In a defiant show of unity, Bahrain opposition parties have jointly denounced the Sunni-ruled Gulf Arab island as a police state and demanded a transition to a constitutional monarchy.

Five groups, including the main Shi’ite party Wefaq and the secular Waad party, vowed to keep up a pro-democracy campaign with peaceful rallies and marches — despite a Saudi-backed government crackdown that crushed similar protests in March.

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6 Oct 2011

Bahrain opposition announced a major protest to take place on the 22nd of October, where a new square, Seef Square, will replace the Lulu Square for a protest camp. A summary of this new step is illustrated in the below video:

14FebTV, 4 Oct 2011

In The Name of Allah

Islamic Action Society condemns the military verdicts against its leader and board, and confirms that such political unfair verdicts comes as an attempt to eliminate the people will, and suffocate their voices, and punish them for their demands of change, freedom, rights, and anti-corruption.

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by Shahira Salloum, 29 Sep 2011

Bahrain’s largest opposition group is resisting grassroots demands for renewed full-scale street protests amid regional pressure to strike a compromise solution with the regime.

Al-Wefaq and other Bahraini opposition groups boycotted the country’s parliamentary by-elections last Saturday.  But al-Wefaq did not support the latest calls for demonstrations at Pearl Square and may be pushing for a de-escalation of protests in the near future.  A resigned al-Wefaq MP said that while the party engaged in its own protest activities, it was wary of endorsing an "event launched in the virtual world," one which they could not ensure would remain organized or under control.  More generally, al-Wefaq leaders say a reversion to mass street protests under present circumstances would be ineffective and invite harsher repression from the regime.  ”It would only result in the killing of more innocents,” the resigned MP said.

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Aljazeera, Sunday 25-09-2011

The AFP news agency reports that a Bahraini special court jailed Sunday the head of the teachers’ union for 10 years and his deputy for three, among other Shias over their role in anti-regime protests, BNA state news agency said.

The verdicts came a day after the kingdom held by-elections boycotted by the opposition to replace 18 Shia MPs who quit the parliament to protest the violence used against demonstrators in February.

Mahdi Abu Deib and Jalila al-Salman were convicted by the court of national safety of “calling to forcefully overthrow the regime in union statements,” BNA said.

They were also accused of “promoting hatred to the regime and spreading false news,” it added.

BNA claimed that the pair used the union to “instigate acts that are considered criminal like calling for sit-ins by teachers, obstructing teaching, holding protests near schools… and calling upon parents not to send their children to school.”

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Washington Post, Sunday 25-09-2011

MANAMA, Bahrain — The head of Bahrain’s main opposition party is challenging the official turnout figures for this weekend’s parliamentary elections, which were held under a boycott call by Shiite-led groups seeking greater rights from the Gulf kingdom’s Sunni rulers.

Sheik Ali Salman claims about 17 percent of voters took part in Saturday’s elections. The government’s preliminary turnout figure was more than 51 percent, but it was unclear if the tally included counts from districts where candidates ran unopposed.

Salman’s Wefaq party and other Shiite blocs urged a boycott to protest crackdowns. He claimed Sunday that the boycott was effective.

The election was called to fill 18 seats in the 40-member parliament after mass resignations by Shiite lawmakers.

Source: http://wapo.st/r7uQks