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17 April 2012

LONDON — Two protesters climbed onto the roof of the Bahraini Embassy in London on Monday, unfurling a banner in a protest aimed at the Gulf state’s ruling family.

An Associated Press photographer saw two men waving a flag on the building’s roof. On Twitter, a user identifying himself as Moosa Abd Ali said the activists had occupied what he called the “Al Khalifa den,” a reference to Bahrain’s ruling family.

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27 Oct 2011

THE BELEAGUERED reformist faction within Bahrain’s ruling al-Khalifa family has good reason to thank the U.S. Congress. Until this month the Obama administration, which has enormous leverage over the Persian Gulf emirate, was blithely ignoring Bahrain’s crackdown on domestic opposition and its failure to implement promised reforms.

Even as the regime staged unfair trials of peaceful opponents in special security courts, dismissed thousands from government jobs for participating in protests and violently repressed demonstrations in restless villages, the administration notified Congress in September that it intended to sell Bahrain $53 million in military equipment, including 40 armored Humvees.

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13 Oct 2011

WASHINGTON — Five Democratic senators are asking Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to delay $53 million in arms sales to violence-wracked Bahrain.

In a letter Wednesday, the lawmakers criticized Bahrain’s human rights violations and resistance to calls for reform. They said completing the sale would weaken U.S. credibility amid democratic transitions in the Middle East.

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10 Oct 2011

MANAMA, Bahrain — Officials in violence-wracked Bahrain began work Monday on proposed political reforms that include boosting the powers of parliament, but the steps were dismissed by an opposition leader as too little after more than eight months of clashes in the Gulf kingdom.

The package of changes would transfer some new powers to elected lawmakers, but leaves intact the sweeping controls of Sunni rulers. Bahrain’s majority Shiites began protests in February seeking more rights and demanding an end to the monarchy’s grip on the country’s affairs.

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7 Oct 2011

MANAMA, Bahrain — Bahraini security forces used tear gas Friday to break up anti-government protesters angered by the death of a teenage boy who opposition groups claim was killed by police gunfire in the Gulf island kingdom.

Authorities in Bahrain have ordered an investigation into the death, which medical officials initially said was caused by cardiac arrest.

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