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20 Dec 2011

MANAMA, BAHRAIN — Women in Bahrain are known to play more of a role in public life than in most neighboring countries. They drive, vote, and some are active in politics.

So it was no surprise to find on arriving here that Bahraini women were also prominent in protests. During a recent demonstration outside the U.N. office in Manama, women, most of them wearing black abayas, stood apart from male peers, carrying pictures of men who they say had been tortured and signs asking for global support.

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The families of six of the hundreds of people given long jail sentences speak out about the “abuse of justice”.

18 Oct 2011

Teachers, professors, politicians, doctors, athletes, students and others have all appeared in Bahrain’s military courts. In just two weeks, 208 people were sentenced or lost appeals, leading to a cumulative total of just less than 2,500 years in prison.

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17 Oct 2011

Manama - The United States expects the government of Bahrain to respond swiftly to the recommendations of a commission investigating alleged human rights abuses, a US official said Monday.

'We fully expect the government (of Bahrain) to respond appropriately and robustly,' the US assistant deputy secretary of State for Arabian Peninsula Affairs, Stephen Seche, said in a press conference at the US Embassy in Manama.

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17 Oct 2011

Saudi-backed Bahraini forces have fired tear gas at peaceful female anti-government protesters near the capital, Manama, Press TV has learnt.

There were no immediate reports of casualties or arrests during the violence in the town of Eker on Monday. According to witnesses, the women were attacked for chanting anti-regime slogans.

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Zainab Omran, a girl detained on the 23rd of September 2011 in City Center Mall, Bahrain tells the detailed story inside Al Khalifa prisons:

You may download the this article in full from Google Docs

We went out on Friday, Sept. 23 did not know where do we go .. We wanted to join any march  to record a voice and form a number in the event.

One of my sisters suggested that we approach the City Centre to the fact that the route was still open and we arrived there at 2:30 pm.

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5 Oct 2011

Two Bahraini medics have opened up and described the torture they faced after being arrested for taking part in antigovernment protests. Dr. Nada Dhaif, a dentist, and Rula al Saffar, president of the Bahrain Nursing Society, were each sentenced to 15 years in jail—just two of 20 medics sentenced on Sept. 29 by Bahrain’s special security court, set up by emergency rule that was lifted in June.

“I thought I was being kidnapped,” said Dhaif. “I couldn’t even say goodbye to my children … they would blindfold us and make us listen to each other’s confessions.” Dhaif said they were threatened with rape while blindfolded and handcuffed—and then were forced to sign false confessions. The medics have rejected the trial by military tribunal, and they have appealed to the United Nations to investigate the torture and abuse they faced.

The Daily Star, 27 Sep 2011

DUBAI: A group of 38 women and seven girls arrested last week during a protest against Bahrain’s parliamentary by-elections have reportedly been tortured or ill-treated, Amnesty International said.

"They were apprehended without lawyers present and some of them reportedly tortured or otherwise ill-treated," the London-based advocacy group said in a statement late on Monday.

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This picture is not in Abu Ghraib prison nor is it in Gwantanamu. It is in Bahrain. A group of Bahraini women handcuffed and thrown on the floor before they were jailed for 45 days for investigation!!

Some of those arrested women: Reem Jassim (19 years old), Rawan Jassim (13 years old), Ola Isa (31 years old), Khadija Isa (39 years old), Durra Isa (35 years old), Fatima AlJishi (20 years old), Ashwaq AlMuqabi (17 years old) and Aqeela AlMuqabi (20 years old).

24 Sep 2011

To update you on what happened on Friday, it is important to note that protesters have stated that Saturday will be a continuation of Friday’s protests:

Security forces attacked several villages, as well as those who reached the main streets trying to make way to what was the pearl square.

Video of how security forces beat and arrested one of the protesters as women tried to intervene:

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25 Sep 2011

With the ongoing chaos of the ruling Al Khalifa family, a female student was kidnapped last night from the public library of the University of Bahrain, Sakhir campus, which is supposed to be one of the most secure premises in the island. Zahra Taher, a 20 year-old IT student and an energetic artist was kidnaped by a group of masked men and thugs along with the University’s security officers.

Zahra was taken into a dark room for what is so-called an “investigation session” but turned out to be a ‘humiliation’ assembly targeting active students specially against outstanding students who belong to the Shia sect.

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